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Movement and Mental Health

Movement is one of your best, most accessible tools to improve mental health.


Movement has been proven in multiple studies to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety and depression, as well as lowering stress levels, improving sleep quality, reducing physical pain and giving you more energy to live the life you want.


And the best part? It doesn't matter a great deal what movement you do - you just have to move. If you like running, run! If you hate running, don't do it. Choose something you enjoy and can stick with - if that's yoga, Pilates or any of our classes, read on to learn more :)


We spend a LOT of time up in our thoughts, and it's a huge relief when we're able to come down from there and back into our bodies. To reconnect with the present moment. 

Yoga for Anxiety and Mental Health

We all get anxious sometimes - we're not going to be able to avoid this; it's part of the human experience. But for some of us anxiety starts to impact our choices and lives more deeply.

The feelings of anxiety are really hard to live with and can be completely exhausting. So if you find yourself on alert, hyper vigilant and unable to switch off or find joy in things, know that movement and specifically yoga will help you.

A few of the reasons yoga is so brilliant at helping people manage their mental health:

- breathwork to calm the nervous system (especially the vegus nerve, which is stimulated when our diaphragm is used correctly in full yogic breaths)

- meditation to bring a moment of quiet and calm and some distance between you and your thoughts

- constant movement connected to the breath forces you to be fully present in the moment

- improving mobility and reducing physical pain 

- the social aspect of sharing a class with other people and connecting, however briefly

- relaxation techniques 

- building confidence and boosting mood

- Improving sleep

- seeing progress and facing challenges

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