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Our north Leeds studio is bright, light and full of plants.

Our studio is a beautiful and welcoming haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It's a refreshing and rejuvenating space designed to let you unwind and take time for yourself.

The studio can fit around ten mats comfortably, meaning no class is over full and the teacher can offer bespoke instruction to every member.

The studio is the old Rawdon Post Office. We've got a bright red door and a post box outside - you can't miss us.

1 Harrogate Road, Rawdon, LS19 6HW.

There is free parking nearby (Micklefield Park/Library and roadside), we have changing rooms and a toilet, water dispenser, baby changing facilities and we provide mats and equipment - all you need to bring is yourself!


If you're interested in hiring the space, please 

The Well House studio in Rawdon interior
Posing with Yoga Mats
Woman laying out yoga mat at The Well House Rawdon

Studio Etiquette

It can sometimes be daunting to arrive somewhere new, so we’ve tried to take the unknown out of your first trip to the studio.

You will arrive at a red door, come through and then take the green door to your left (ignoring the stairs ahead of you). Please let yourself in, take off your shoes and put them in the shoe storage just inside the door.

You can then drop your coat/bag/phone in the back room. We also have two changing rooms here, a toilet and water dispenser. Baby changing facilities for Mum and Baby Classes are here too, and this is where you can store your pram/car seat/sling etc.


Once you’re ready, find a mat (they will already be laid out) and relax until the class begins! If you’d prefer to use your own mat, that’s great too.


The door is locked during classes so that you are not disturbed, but should you wish to leave, just wave at the teacher and we will let you out.


At the end of the class, please spray the mat with our provided mat cleaner, roll it up and pop it on the wall-mounted holder. Done!

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