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The Well House Rawdon

Pilates, Yoga, Pre- and Post-Natal, Barre, Breathwork

1 Harrogate Road, Rawdon, LS19 6HW

How It Works


We've designed our system to be as flexible as possible, to fit around full, busy lives.

No block bookings, no term-long commitment, no money lost if you go on holiday or have a clash.

Keep track of bookings, cancel, rearrange, rebook and collect loyalty points through your member account.

Almost all our classes are booked using a Class Pass. You purchase your pass, it gets added to your account, and then you can book onto your chosen class/es!


Buy a single or multiple class pass


You will be asked to sign up and create an account.

Your class pass is now on your account.


Go to The Timetable, choose your class, and click book now :)


If you have any questions at all, simply drop us an email at

We can't wait to see you soon.

Move for your Mind

We all know the benefits of movement for the body, but we often overlook how it makes us feel. At the Well House, we want to switch that around – come and move for your mental health and happiness, and watch as the physical improvements increase.

When exercise makes you feel good, you will find it easier to get out to a class consistently. When movement is a joy, and not a chore, it’s life changing.


So treat yourself to an hour of pure you-time in one of our carefully curated, small studio classes.


Struggling with back pain?

A lot of people seek out yoga and Pilates as a way to eliminate back pain without relying on constant pain killers. Both yoga and Pilates are brilliant at helping you manage and get rid of pain. There are a few reasons for this:

- calm the nervous system so it sends fewer pain signals

- learn to move with control and fluidity

- strengthen surrounding and supporting muscle groups 

- improve posture

- improve body awareness

- change movement patterns so they help rather than harm

- increase mobility in the hips and pelvis

- improve overall movement health

- connect to your breath and use the diaphragm effectively

- improve mood and reduce stress

- a full hour to focus on you, unwind and reconnect with your body

If you'd like to learn more about how our classes can help you with your back pain, please download our free ebook, visit our blog and keep your eyes peeled for our first online offering: Yoga for Back Pain in collaboration with Sharp Physio

Man who does Pilates smiling

Jo is a brilliant teacher. Her yoga and Pilates classes have significantly improved my mobility, strength and mentality, and allowed me to remain injury free as I continue to train competitively. I would recommend her classes to everyone - and I do!

Liam Smith

Woman who does yoga smiling

I started practicing yoga with Jo as a complete beginner, and had also had a lung procedure and hoped yoga could improve my breathing, lung capacity and flexibility.


Jo was the perfect guide and in those early weeks, showed such patience and positive guidance around the yoga practice and postures.  Over the months, my practice developed and I gained more confidence under Jo's guidance and wonderful teaching.  

Jo's classes are always calm yet challenging, nurturing and I love that Jo can be hands on and will guide you through postures, making those small but crucial tweaks to ensure you are getting what you can from the classes.  Jo is always so positive and it is a pleasure to be in every single class with her.   She has given me a love of yoga, which is now a huge part of my life.


Woman in pink coat smiling

I was nervous to try Pilates as a newbie as I'm not very flexible, but I absolutely love doing Jo's classes! Just the right level of challenging and I love how positive and encouraging her style of teaching is, while still offering adjustments and corrections where needed to make sure you get the most out of the class.

Doing regular classes has definitely improved my flexibility and muscle tone - and above all the classes are fun! I would definitely recommend Pilates with Jo


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