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How we can help with your back pain

Living with back pain is exhausting and can really affect your quality of life. At The Well House we specialise in helping people to overcome their back pain and start living pain-free again. So if you want to get off the pain killers and get back to your life, read on.

Woman doing Pilates at The Well House Rawdon to candlelight

Why Yoga and Pilates work

Yoga and Pilates are brilliant exercise forms for back pain. They're low impact and easy to adapt and modify. So no matter where you're starting from in terms of skill, movement limitation or pain, you can get the benefits and enjoy the class.

They also contribute to pain relief in the following ways:

- improve mobility in the spine;

- strengthen supporting muscle groups;

- help you balance your hamstrings, hips, spine and glutes;

- relax the nervous system so you receive fewer pain signals;

- improve breathing technique to release the diaphragm;

- reduce stress and cortisol;

- improve hip mobility (usually a culprit in chronic back pain);

- improve blood flow to affect area;

- build confidence back up;

- boost your mood and the hormones that naturally reduce your experience of pain;

- deeply relax, removing tension and strain from your back muscles.

Plants at The Well House Rawdon
'Pilates really was a last-ditch attempt to get control over my back pain - and I have been so surprised by how quickly it has improved! After just one session I felt better than I had in months and was able to get a good night's sleep. Now I go every week and the change in my body, mind and pain levels is hard for me to put into words. Thank you!'

Julia - Pilates client

Surprising facts about chronic back pain

Did you know...

- Job dissatisfaction is the biggest predictor of chronic lower-back pain

- improper function of your diaphragm (important breathing muscle) often presents as lower-back pain

- moving your eyes side to side has been found to reduce pain; holding the eyes in one spot (say on a screen) has been shown to increase pain

- loss of mobility in the hips and pelvis is a huge contributing factor in back pain

- spinal scans have shown that it's very normal and common for spines to have issues (fused vertebrae, bulging discs etc) in all age groups. This doesn't always give people back pain; it's possible to have spinal issues and zero pain.

- The nervous system is responsible for how you experience pain - and you have more control over this than you realise.

Bolsters and mats and plants at The Well House Rawdon
 'I was in quite a lot of pain with ongoing lower back pain. The exercises we did today... particularly the bicycle legs, but all of them, have made me feel so much better! My back pain is getting better gradually and it's all making a huge difference to my strength, posture and pain. I think you're brilliant at what you do!'


Our classes

Our classes are all suitable for all levels, beginner-friendly and welcoming. You can book on to any class and be confident of being well looked after.

Spine twist yoga pose


Try one of our yoga classes for your back pain.

Or if you want to move more slowly, try Restorative Yoga on Tuesday evenings at 7.30pm.


or our Slow Flow Yoga on Wednesday lunchtime at 12.30-1.30.

Pilates spine stretch at The Well House Rawdon


Pilates is brilliant for managing back pain and getting your whole body moving.

All our Pilates classes are suitable for everyone - we can adapt to suit you :)

If you're an early bird, why not try our Tuesday morning Pilates at 8am before work?

Woman doing Pilates Rolling Like a Ball exercise near a window

Yoga for Back Pain Online Course with Sharp Physio

If you're not local, or you'd prefer to exercise from the comfort of your own home, have a look at our YOGA FOR BACK PAIN COURSE filmed in collaboration with Sharp Physio.

This 5-week course offers 3 classes a week and is specifically designed to improve and eliminate your back pain. The classes are taught by Jo, and have been design in collaboration with the physios at Sharp Physio to bring you the perfect classes for your back pain.

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