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The Classes

Warrior One

Yoga Studio Class

It's easy to become a bit addicted to yoga!


This ancient practice offers so many benefits to mental and physical well-being. Yoga lowers stress levels, relieves burnout, boosts energy and mood, as well as improving chronic back pain, tightness, flexibility, mobility and strength.

At the Well House, yoga classes weave together ancient yoga traditions with modern knowledge of the body, anatomy and neuroscience to create classes that give you a full-body workout, build resilience in the nervous system and boost mental health. 

You can view a portion of a class here.


Yoga on the Beach

Pilates studio class

Traditionally, Pilates is a set sequence of exercises designed to bring mobility, strength and balance to the body. Joseph Pilates famously said 'you are only as old as your spine is young' and his exercise regime is deigned around this concept.

At the Well House, we use the foundational Pilates exercises, and then add different ones based on our ever-changing and developing knowledge of the body, neuroscience and the nervous system.


Expect a low-impact class that builds muscle, bone density, flexibility, and balance. Excellent for people with back pain, those wanting to improve core strength quickly, or as a support to running, cycling, football, gym work etc. You can watch a snippet of a class here.

Yoga Class

Post-natal check-in (private session)

Our post-natal check-in is an excellent way to get back into exercise after having your baby, whether that was six weeks ago, or six years ago. The class includes a postural assessment, abdominal assessment, focused core and pelvic-floor work based on Pilates principles, and a flowing, calming yoga sequence.


You will leave with a personalised exercise programme and the confidence to keep exercising, whether that is at home, or in a studio class. The sessions are 1 hour 15 minutes long, £40, and come with a free post-natal meditation track (you can choose to bring your baby or leave them at home).

Mothers Exercising with Babies

Mum and Baby, Post-natal Class

As modern humans we are all missing our 'village' and never more so than when we have small babies. Our mum and baby classes are designed to help you meet other local mums and babies while strengthening your body, easing stiffness and aches, giving you energy (no matter how sleepless your night), connecting with your baby - and showing them off! We LOVE babies.

In the back room of the studio we have a baby changing station, nappies, wipes, toys, comfy chairs for feeding, and a quiet space to soothe an overtired or overstimulated baby (or mum!). 

Young Mothers Practicing Yoga
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