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Men on Mats Yoga Workshops - what to expect and how it can help you

Our Men on Mats Yoga Workshop last month was a great success, and so we're going to start running them more regularly.

Next workshop: 9th June, 1.30pm

What is yoga?

Yoga takes many forms, but in our Yoga for Men workshop you'll be moved through a series of postures designed to release tension from your muscles, mobilise your joints and improve flexibility. There is also a strength component, working upper body and legs, and building a fluidity and control through movement.

The session incorporates some breathwork, meditation and relaxation as well. This will help you work with your nervous system in a calm state, giving you access to greater range of movement, flexibility and strength, as well as allowing you to find focus and calm.

Why try Yoga for Men

Yoga at The Well House is for everyone, and men are welcome at all our weekly classes. However, the idea of walking into a room of mainly women, who might be more flexible and more practised at yoga, does put a lot of men off. Knowing this, we've designed a class that is just for men, taught by a man (Iain)!

Do you need to be flexible to do yoga?

I know a lot of people find yoga intimidating - it does often look like a practice of extreme flexibility, something that lots of men struggle with. But yoga is not about this at all. It's about finding movement that works for you and your body.

Yoga is a brilliant way to improve flexibility, especially in the hips (notoriously tight in a lot of men) and hamstrings (also a common tight point). But you do not need to be flexible already in order to start yoga, or to get the most out of it.

If you're wanting to improve your mobility - whether that's so you can sit comfortably on the floor with your kids/grandkids/pets, or so that you can run further without pain, or reduce back pain after sitting at a desk - then you need to start opening up your hips, hamstrings and chest.

Can yoga help back pain?


Back pain, especially chronic back pain, is a complicated beast. It's usually a mixture of historic tissue damage, your nervous system response and stress levels. In fact, one of the biggest indicators of chronic lower back pain is job dissatisfaction - showing that back pain isn't simply a physical response.

Yoga can help in many ways. Physically, you'll stretch and mobilise tight muscles, improve blood flow and improve stability across your body. You'll also use breathwork to calm your nervous system and reduce the severity of pain signals.

Slightly less obviously, yoga can help by:

  • moving your gaze around and shifting your vision - proven to reduce stress in the body

  • improving your brain's ability to map your body and movement

  • firing up parts of the brain connected to your hands and feet

  • improving diaphragm function

  • allow for smooth movement and active range of motion

Is yoga good cross-training for other sports?

Yoga is fantastic to keep you strong and mobile, so that you can enjoy your chosen sport/s pain free. It's great for runners, cyclists or climbers, and those who play the odd game of football. Predominantly, this is because yoga will improve flexibility in your hamstrings and hip flexors, giving you more movement through your pelvis and spine.

Join Iain for our next Men on Mats Yoga Workshop, 9th June, 1.30pm at The Well House.

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LS19 6HW

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