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Which Class to Try First?

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We’re open! Thanks so much for your patience and support during the (very) long painting process. We’re ready (or we will be) to open our doors for a launch morning 10-12 on Saturday 7th October, and then we’re starting classes from the 9th October. If you find yourself in Rawdon village on Saturday morning, pop in to look round the studio, pick up a drink and a snack, and ask any questions you might have.

The class timetable will be filling up with more classes over the next few weeks as we get our teachers set up with their time slots for classes. We’ll send out emails with details of the new classes – so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’re wondering which class to try first, read on. All our classes are suitable for all levels –you can book on to any class and be confident that you’ll be well looked after and supported, wherever you are on your movement journey.


Yoga pose graphic drawing

There are lots of different types of yoga out there, but for now we’re keeping things simple at The Well House. Our yoga classes start with some breath work to calm the nervous system and boost wellbeing. We then move into a gentle warm up, mobilising the spine, opening the hips and releasing the lower back. You are then taken through a fluid series of postures that are designed to strengthen the whole body, aid balance and improve flexibility and mobility. These postures create a ‘flow’, allowing you to enter flow state, becoming completely focused and calm as you move. There is always an option to work hard in yoga, and there is always an option to take it easy – you can choose what you need on that particular day. We end the class with relaxation, yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and deep breathing so that you leave feeling like you’re floating on a cloud.


Pilates pose graphic drawing

Pilates is absolutely fantastic for strengthening the entire body in a balanced and functional way. You can expect more ‘targeted’ exercises than you would find in a yoga class – such as core/ab work, glute exercises, back strengthening exercises and balance work. The class moves fluidly through the different areas of the body – legs, core, glutes, back, arms, chest – ensuring you leave with a full body workout and you see results. This is also a great class if you’re wanting to reduced back or neck pain and improve posture.

Ballet Stretch and Tone

Ballet Stretch drawing graphic

Ballet Stretch and Tone uses simple ballet technique, yoga and Pilates to create a fantastic full body class. Once we've worked out how to attach a ballet barre to our seriously wonky old walls, we'll sometimes use the ballet barre to warm up, but the majority of the time we’ll work in the centre of the room on mats. This increases body awareness, balance and core stability. The class is suitable for anyone – with or without dance experience. If you did ballet as a child, it is really lovely to tap into that playfulness again. This class is fantastic for toning the legs and bum! It’s fun, challenging and a little different – you’ll see a quick improvement over a few weeks, and you’ll be able to challenge yourself from one week to the next.

If you’d like to talk through which class is for you, you can email us at and we’ll help you decide.

Looking forward to seeing you soon x

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