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Have you heard of the Gender Exercise Gap?

A large new study shows that well over half of women in the UK are dropping out of exercise or stopping completely. The barriers to exercise are varied, but some of the biggest ones are not having enough time (80%), low self-confidence (55%), cost of gyms (65%) and not feeling sporty enough (58%). The same study shows that men don't feel the same barriers to exercise and more men find time for regular exercise in their life.

Exercise is one of the biggest contributing factors to mental and physical health - movement reduces stress, pain and anxiety, eases depression and boosts your mood, your confidence and your happiness. And that's before we look at the physical protective benefits of being strong and mobile - such as reducing the likelihood of osteoporosis, some cancers, heart disease, degenerative brain diseases and more.

Yet a similar study in 2022 of over 8,000 people revealed that 38% of women had done no exercise in the previous year (and that rose to 48% of 16-24 year olds). Despite most of us knowing how good it is for us and how good we feel when we exercise, it's still really really hard to find the time, or to priorities exercise when time feels short.

It's really important to me that the Well House feels accessible to everyone - no matter where you are on your exercise journey. We love welcoming beginners or those returning to exercise after a break, or injury. You never have to feel nervous about joining a class - we're here to make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door.

  • Our class passes are flexible and have a long deadline

  • No monthly or annual subscription fees

  • You can reschedule and cancel classes up to 12 hours before start time from your online account

  • Classes are small and friendly (never more than 10 people)

  • The space is calm and welcoming and safe

  • All classes are all-levels, so you can be confident to book on any one and know you'll be well looked after

  • You don't have to book a block - you can make the classes work around your schedule and drop in and out depending on your week

  • I (Jo) am always happy to chat before your first class - over email or on the phone, or you can even pop down to have a quick look around before you come and join us, just email me and we'll sort out a time :)

  • If you're struggling to get out the house without your kids - we've got mum and baby options, as well as family yoga!

So if you'd like to get moving and reap the benefits of exercising again, please don't hesitate to get in touch, or sign up and book your first class today.

Jo x

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