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What happens during our new Small Group Reiki session

We now host Reiki on a Wednesday at 2pm. Alice, who teaches our Fundamentals of Yoga course and Slow Flow Yoga, takes these lovely, welcoming sessions. In the blog below, Alice walks you through what you can expect from your session.

Mats and blankets and candles in a studio
Reiki Set Up at The Well House Rawdon

A Warm Welcome

As you step into our serene space within The Well House, you'll be greeted with smiles and positivity. I believe in creating a welcoming environment where you can feel safe and supported throughout your Reiki journey.

Introductions and Intentions

Before we dive into the session, we'll take a moment to set our intentions for the healing process. If you’d like to, this is your opportunity to share any specific goals or areas of focus for the session. I will also invite you to share your preference for hands-on or hands-off



Using our breath we will ground ourselves into the space and the session; preparing our body, mind and spirit for healing.

Comfortable Set Up

Find yourself a cozy and warm spot to relax. Whether this is snuggling into blankets laid on yoga mats, or sat up on a bolster or chair. I’d like for you to feel completely at ease as you prepare to receive the loving energy of Reiki.

Energy Flow

I will open the session with words and mantras, and allow the Reiki energy to channel to the

group as a whole before working with each client individually. When I am working with a client I use my hands to move the energy around their body. This can look like placing my hands on areas of your body (e.g. head, shoulders, hands, knees, feet), or holding them above your body and moving them. Sometimes I also use my breath to encourage energy movement. You may feel sensations of warmth, tingling, or simply deep relaxation washing over you.

Inner Journey

As you drift into a state of deep relaxation, you might experience a sense of inner peace and clarity. Some people report visualizations, insights, or emotional releases during their Reiki sessions.


I will use words and mantras to draw the Reiki session to a close, before inviting you to enjoy a savasana (rest period) to allow you to embody the healing process that has occurred.

Closing Reflection

As a final hug to the nervous system we'll take a moment to reflect on your experience and the opportunity to share any insights or sensations that arose during the session. It's a beautiful opportunity to integrate the healing energy and set intentions for continued growth and well-being.

Community Connection

Finally, we'll wrap up the session with gratitude and connection, knowing that we've shared a special moment of healing together as a supportive community.

Come join us for a Small Group Reiki session

If you’re feeling curious about Reiki, and would like to experience its gentle yet powerful healing I invite you to join us for one of my Small Group Reiki (Charity Sessions) at The Well House on Wednesdays 14:00-15:00, with all profits being donated to a Leeds-based mental health charity.

With love and light,

Alice x

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